Reading Is My Super Power

By Emilee Adamson

Last week thanks to the Nerd Out App, I had the awesome opportunity of partnering with Traveling Stories in San Diego to help teach kids that reading is their super power. Traveling Stories is a non-profit organization that focuses on the power and joy reading can bring for children ages 2 to 11. Traveling Stories wants to get kids to fall in love with reading at a young age so that reading becomes a lifelong habit.

In order to get more involved with the community, Traveling Stories and the Nerd Out App joined forces, which is when Michelle Jensen of Nerd Out had the great idea of having cosplayers read with the children to help them become more engaged with whatever they are reading. Traveling Stories had an awesome event planned called “Reading is my Super Power” at Waypoint Public in North Park, San Diego; all they needed was a super hero!

News traveled throughout the county and Wonder Woman caught word that Traveling Stories needed someone super to lend a hand at their event. So, Wonder Woman suited up and flew over to Waypoint Public to read with the little heroes. Wonder Woman was greeted with squeals, smiles & hugs and was able to read to tons of kids. Each time the children read a book, they would receive a “reading buck” and once they collected enough bucks, they could buy a prize from the prize box. This system truly inspired the kids to get reading. Traveling Stories hosts events frequently in the San Diego area, check out their Facebook page to get involved with an upcoming event ( And remember, reading is YOUR superpower.


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