The Entrepreneur Empire

Written by: Emilee Jasminski | April 23, 2021

IDM was founded in August of 2016 with a desire to help. We wanted to help individuals, small business owners and entrepreneurs establish their digital empires (hence the name Imperial Digital Marketing). 

At the time, Drew and I were fresh out of college when we started this endeavor and knew very little about owning a business, but we were confident in our ability to execute our services and didn’t have much to lose, so we took the leap. 

Despite our confidence in ourselves, we were still a baby-faced couple trying to sell our digital services without much of a track record. In the beginning, we got shut down a lot and majorly underpriced our services because we just needed to be given the chance to succeed. 

There’s one particular story that will really clearly illustrate this situation for you. Drew and I presented a proposal to a middle aged, well-financed potential client. He shut us down immediately saying we did not know what we were doing. A few weeks pass by and we get a call from a colleague who was helping us sell our services, she had 40+ years of experience in television and radio and was well known in the industry. The man we reached out to a few weeks prior had now reached out to her looking for marketing services. She passed him along to us. We presented basically the same proposal we had previously sent and BOOM, we secured the deal. There is a level of trust that comes from experience; that’s why getting through the first few years is so important and we want to support you through that process. 

Fast forward, it’s the start of 2021 and the state of the world is much different than it was when we started our business almost 5 years prior. Shortly after the start of the year, I was talking to my mom about my goals and what it is like to be an entrepreneur and I spouted out “entrepreneurship is like a club, seeing other passionate individuals succeed means I can do it too and that’s why I love it.” Success should not be limited to a lucky few, it should be an attainable goal. Once again I found myself with a desire to help others succeed which is where the idea for The Entrepreneur Empire was born. 

So, what exactly is The EE (Entrepreneur Empire)? Well it's a club for entrepreneurs. The EE will bring together aspiring and current entrepreneurs, freelancers and creatives for connection, support and community. Highlighting topics like purpose, impact, sustainability, diversity, and more, the EE will educate and support entrepreneurs everywhere. Just like the story I told above, experience opens doors and we want to help you open the doors you need to move you  forward. 

The EE is a digital club coming to you soon. We will provide free resources, access to industry experts and support in your journey towards creating your digital empire.  

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