Is The Apple Watch Worth the Price Tag?

I have had my apple watch for 3 months now, and I would be lying to you if I said I didn’t love it. But is it worth the hefty price tag for the functionality it has? I am here to break it down for you.


How much does the Apple Watch cost?

Apple Watch Series 1- $269

I own  this version of the Apple Watch which is water resistant  but not waterproof, unlike the most recent Series 2 Apple Watch.  With 3 months use of this device, I have found that there are many applications that are useful and then there are some that I have not even touched since I started using this wearable tech.

Below I have listed these apps in order, beginning with my most frequently used apps.

Activity- This is by far the number one reason I have been motivated to reach my fitness goals and keep myself accountable for my activity during the day. When you first get the watch you input your weight and an active calorie goal you want to reach each day (Both your weight and calorie goal can be changed at any time). The watch uses the weight that you have entered as well as monitors your heart rate throughout the day to calculate how many calories you’ve burned. Besides the monitoring of your calories, the app also monitors how many hours you stand in a day as well as how many exercise minutes you have completed.

The real fun of this app comes into play when you add friends, colleagues and family members to share your activity with. When you do this you can view each other’s activity for the day and it becomes playful competition (if you want it to be).

Texting and Calling-  As long as your phone is in Bluetooth range (I have found that the watch’s bluetooth connection ranges much further than the average bluetooth connection) you will be able to send/receive text messages as well as answer and make calls from your watch. The watch has a list of auto responses for text messages (the usual Yeah, No, Idk, In a meeting, Can I call you later?) that you can use. All of the emojis that you know and love are there as well to add to your texts. There is also the voice to text feature which works great when you have more to say then one of the auto responses. The only feature that is not available to send a text is a keyboard to write exactly what you want, but with how small the screen is it would not be very feasible anyways. The phone applications works great on here, but there is no headphone jack so be prepared to answer on speaker, you also have the option to make calls from the watch but I personally not used this feature yet.

Music- The watch connects to your phone so you have your whole itunes library to choose from on your watch and control what music is playing out of your phone. I have found this very convenient when I am working out and I don’t want to grab my phone to skip to the next song.

Apple Maps/Google Maps- Have you ever been driving to a location and had to keep your phone in your lap the whole time watching for the next direction, and when you make that right turn your phone falls into the depth of hell between your seat and center console?  Well all of that is gone when you use the maps app on the watch. The watch gives you haptic feedback when the next turn is coming up and is much easier to view than looking down to your phone while driving.

Weather-  Pretty self explanatory, you can check the weather. I have it set up with location services so it shows me the weather of where I am at.

ESPN/CBS Sports- You can check the current sport games scores. You can’t go as in depth to see in game stats, but you can see the teams playing and the scores.

Instagram- This app works 50/50 for me, it shows you the feed as well as the ability to like pictures. Although 50% of the time it will say I am have connectivity issues and nothing will load.


Apple Watch Series 2 (waterproof)- $369

For $100 more you can have the Apple Watch Series 2 which is completely waterproof! While using the activity app you can choose what type of workout you are doing so it can track the calories for you, and with the Series 2 “Swim” is added as a work out. When you go into swim mode the screen locks so that while you are swimming you don’t open any other apps. At the end you spin the dial which unlocks it and the speakers “Beep” which signals the water clearing out of the device.

Is the Apple Watch Series 1 or 2 worth it?

Series 1: YES, I think the it justifies the price tag, but at the end of the day it is only going to be worth it if you wear it daily. If you make it a habit of wearing it the functionality will become more and more prevalent in your life.

Series 2: Yes, but I only think it is worth if if you swim or surf as an exercise often. Being waterproof is the only big difference between the Series 1 and 2.  
Accessories: You have many options for bands and the amazon market is flooded with different bands for the Apple watch for a much better price than the apple store (that goes for most accessories), from workout bands to more stylish designs, they will usually run you anywhere from $10-50 depending on the material.

Snap Spectacles aka Not So Low Key Spy Glasses

Many of you have seen or heard of Snap Spectacles, the sunglasses with a small camera that allows you to take 10 seconds video for the messaging app, Snapchat. Snapchat wanted to keep their specs exclusive so they only sell the specs at “random” pop-up locations in yellow vending machines. Most recently, there was a Snap Specs vending machine in Indio during Coachella Weekend 1.

So, I’m going to start by answering the many frequent questions I received about the specs.

Q: How do the specs work?

A: Above the left eye on the sunglasses, there is a small button. Push the button once to begin your 10-second video. You can record up to 3 10-second videos in a row if you re-push the button towards the end of the 10-second cycle.

Q: Can you take photos instead of videos?

A: At this time, I do not believe you can take photos with the specs (or I just haven’t figured it out yet).

Q: How is the quality of the footage?

A: You can download the footage to your Snap Story or phone one of two ways. The first way is via bluetooth, which will download your footage in SD (standard defintion). You can also connect to the Specs as if they are your wifi network and download the HD footage, but this does require more battery usage from both your phone and your specs.

Q: How do you charge the sunglasses?

A: The Specs charge magnetically when they are placed in the case. The case also holds a charge so you can wear the specs until they die and then charge them one more time while you are out and about (no outlet needed) by just sticking the specs back in the case.

And lastly….

Q: Are they any good sunglasses?

A: This one is a matter of opinion but I personally really like the specs as regular sunglasses. I have forgotten my Raybans several times and wore my specs all day just for sun protection and they work great. Raybans usually cost an upward of $100 and they don’t let you record for Snapchat, so paying $130 for the Snap Specs doesn’t seem unreasonable to me at all.

If you want to check out the video quality and get a better understanding of the Snap Specs, check out our YouTube video on Wearable Tech →